Animal Healing

Treat diseases and maintain the health of your loving pets.

Hands-on healing energy.

There are several major differences between Reiki healing for animals and humans. First, it is extremely importance to do Reiki on your pets as soon as you sense any changes in behavioral habits; for example in their temperament, eating, energy and general malaise. These are clear signs that your pet is not feeling well and the sooner you treat animals, the quicker they’re likely to return to health and balance.

Reiki healing for animals is gentle and can be done in person or remotely. Reiki can actually accelerate your pets own healing processes, ease their pain, reduce stress and improve or help to maintain wellness. Animals love receiving the warm vibrations of Reiki energy and benefit greatly from it. Reiki can work side-by-side naturally with anything your vet or other pet care professionals may have prescribed.

Reiki Benefits for Animals

Reiki treatments are either given at your home or remotely. Most pets take to the energy readily and enjoy hands-on treatments but some may be more comfortable from a slight distance. Whether given directly hands-on or from across the room, treatments are equally effective. Reiki healing can be a very powerful in helping your pet family restore balance and health.

Animal Reiki Calms Scared, Fearful Animals

Helps Reduce Stress, Induces Relaxation to Promote Better Healing

Long distance energy healing works anywhere in the world

Energy healing removes energy blocks & creates optimum self-healing

Animal Reiki is a natural safe healing tool

Strengthens the immune system

Strengthens the immune system

Increases trust and bonding between you and your pet

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Reiki is a safe complement to conventional Western medicine, Chinese medicine, herbal medicine, homeopathy and all other forms of healing for both you and your pets. Please view my treatment fees and schedule today!