Cancer Care: The Next Generation

by ABC7
News about Cancer research and breakthroughs are everywhere these days, but how does it affect you? ABC7NY is working closely with the cancer specialists and research labs of New-York Presbyterian Hospital to bring you answers. Voted for the 16th year in a row by US News and World Report as New York’s number 1 hospital, we hear from the top cancer doctors in a multitude of specialties about how the fight against cancer is evolving.

Having access to an institution that’s a comprehensive medical center combined with two Ivy League Medical Schools (Columbia University and Weill Cornell) gives New Yorkers a distinct advantage if they or a loved one is battling cancer. We’ll see how integrated therapies like Reiki and innovations are helping patients cope with the side-effects of cancer treatment. You’ll meet residents from our area who had all but given up hope but are now, living testimonials to the strides being made. And of course, the best way to beat cancer is to prevent it. We’ll ask the cancer experts for their most important cancer prevention tips.

Our special half hour, “Cancer Care, The Next Generation” is here to be viewed and learned from. And after you watch, scroll down for much more from our experts, including an information-filled web chat.

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