Cosmic Connect

by | TNN | Nov 6, 2016, 06.51 AM IST

When Debadrita Jadhav opened her doors to a beagle rescued from a laboratory, she found the dog was difficult to handle. Since she had to hand over the animal to a foster home, she was keen to resolve the issue. That’s when she approached Chennai-based animal communicator and reiki healer Sanjuktha M.

“I sent her a photo of the beagle and told her the problem,” says Bengaluru-based Debadrita. “Sanjuktha was able to communicate with the dog long-distance and the animal told her that it would take her some time to trust humans. But, in less than 24 hours when I had to drop her off, she allowed me to hold her.” Whether it is to sort out behavioural problems, soothe sick animals or trace lost pets, more people are turning to healers. These Dr Dolittles say they can communicate with the animals and cure them using reiki or energy healing. What’s more, they can do it long distance too, all they need is a clear photograph of the animal’s face.

Sanjuktha says she began practising last year. “I do reiki for humans as well as animals. The concept is based on harnessing universal energy to help all energy beings,” she says.

According to her, it helps with pain relief. “Every disease has an emotional cause,” she says, adding that you should adopt a holistic approach. “You continue with allopathic treatment but also use reiki. For instance, I have used it to calm dogs who are in stress after being treated for cancer.”

Sanjuktha gets clients from all over the country. “Everybody is born with telepathic ability; it is a universal language but is forgotten because of the way we are raised,” she says, adding that even she had to train to reawaken that sense.

Mahalakshmi G Sundar, on the other hand, is a TV producer and animal communicator. “I have been doing tarot and reiki healing for animals and humans for a couple of years.People even approach me to trace lost pets,” says Mahalakshmi, adding that it is easy to communicate with animals as they are more receptive. Every animal has a soul and voice, she adds. “Every soul has its own way of healing, and we are showing them how to do it. I am a medium or connection channelling divine power, consciousness or universal force,” says Mahalakshmi, who recently moved to Mumbai but has several clients in Chennai. These sessions can range from 30 to 50 minutes, depending on the problem, with healers charging `500 to `1,000 per session.

Practitioners say communicating with animals involves signs. “You may see images, hear words or get feelings or sensations,” says Sanjuktha.

While reiki for animals is at a nascent stage in the country, it is getting popular with pet lovers in metros. “Abroad, it is a well-known concept, but it is now catching on here as well,” she says.
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